Better Vision For Your Family

Dr. Devon P. Jarvis was raised in Willard, MO and is happy to be serving his hometown and surrounding communities.

Welcome to

Jarvis Family Eye Center!!

We are happy to be able to provide comprehensive eye care to the residents of Willard and surrounding communities.  We provide:

· Treatment and management of eye diseases such as glaucoma, conjunctivitis, iritis, amblyopia, hypertension, and diabetes.

· Children’s eye exams—we recommend eye exams for infants and preschoolers to ensure that your child has the best opportunity to learn.  Visit for information on eye disorders in children and adults.

· We work closely with local eye surgeons to provide the highest quality and most convenient surgical care available. 

· We carry eyeglasses in styles for all ages including infants and children.

· We offer kids packages which come with a 2 year warranty on frames and 2 year scratch warranty on lenses.  They also come with Anti-Reflective coating which blocks glare and reflections from overhead lighting and computers.

· We carry the latest contact lenses, including the latest technology in extended wear, silicone hydrogel soft contacts. 

· Free adjustments and repairs on glasses, even if they were purchased elsewhere.

· We accept outside eyeglass prescriptions.